Vintage & Recycled Goods

Why Vintage? 

A part of who we are as a brand is expression through our pieces, which isn’t just limited to jewelry. In FW 2022 we will begin to add vintage goods as part of the garments section. What is most important to us is sustainability, here we focus on recyclable goods. The garments sold here are all hand selected locally from thrifting for all our vintage items. Each item of clothing has a piece of history attached to it. Sports, music and art are all forms of what things inspired us. The fast fashion industry (referring to fast-turnover high street retailers) generates 100 billion garments per year and is one of the most polluting industries in the world, after oil. But mindfulness is the key. Just taking the time to think about your stance is a constructive step. You’re not expected to have all the answers – but doing a little research of your own, educating yourself and educating others as you do so, is the right way to incite discussion and encourage accountability within the textile industry, both for the supplier and end consumer. You can start here by copping one of our long-lasting garments with taste and style. 

Recyclable Materials

Ten Virtues uses 100% organic, sustainable and recycled materials/fabrics. Items that are not from the vintage line are produced with these materials.